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  • ** Saskia **
    singer/songwriter Saskia, acoustic pop music. somewhere between tori amos and jewel. site includes mp3, gallery, biography, lyrics. worth a click!
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  • Ashoka Ritual - Global Artist Networking
    A documentation about the GOA culture and the GOA open air festival Liquid Time IX. The two music styles Goa and Techno are compared with each other....................................................GOA is originally the name for a group of beaches in the southwest of India. They are places filled with beauty. Eventually, the Federal State of GOA was established there, a few hours south of Bombay. Together with San Francisco and Ibiza, GOA represents the cradle of the modern trance movement. GOA, the music, is a mixture of celestial sounds and elements of Indian music. It is not simply techno. It is melodic, inspirational. But like all musical trends, GOA has undergone change. Numerous sub-trends have developed, and GOA sometimes tends to be confused with "experimental techno". ....this paradise was a gate of sorts for foreign backpackers, often Israelis and Germans, to the treasures of India and the Indian culture. Techno reached the shores of GOA in the second half of the 80s and was originally the music of rebels and dropouts at that time, with parties that sometimes had the feeling of Woodstock about them - not because the numbers were so huge, but because of their variety, openness and creativity. People from all parts of the globe transcended the thresholds of nationality, ethnicity and culture to celebrate music and love together in a very special way.......................................................Watch out for the gratis high-quality movie (mpg) in your language using A/Emule or Edonkey -- optimised sound -- on: inside: Goa, India, DJ, Live-Act, MC, Singing, Traditional Instruments, Bands, Drums, Didgeridoos, Dancing, India Lovers, Fire Performances, Decoration, Painting, Graffiti, Skating, Mystery, Meditation, Esoterism, Theater, Tattoos, Piercings, Erotisicm, global artist networking, ashoka ritual, ashoka-ritual, artist, artists, community, goa, psy, art, Liquid Time, Mietar, Giant Optix, K-Isuma, UV-ATMA, Magic Star, liquid-time, .mpg, .mpgs, div-x, spirit, summer, party, feeling, entertainment, Goaparty, Psytrance, Lasershow, lightshow, freedom, soul, unity, Techno, House, Acid, Dance, Sound, Klang, documentation, information, progressive, voov, festival, open air, floor, dancing, hippie, hippy, hippies, USA, goa scene, Open-Air-Festival, Hamburg, Berlin, Freak, nature, Bombay, Ibiza, Trance, movement, music, Techno, melody, Buddha, CD, DVD, culture, Woodstock, revolution, innovation, genre, Heavy Metal, Rock, Indy, Ethno, Percussion, Sound, platform, dancing, chilling, bunt, Party, spirit, psychedelic, Synthesizer, Trance, Bass, voice, experiment, Acid, Vocal, House, Sample, Film, Trainspotting, Beat, Hendrix, The Doors, Deep Purple, Flower-Power, harmony, Psychedelic Rock, 60s, Israel, GOA Gil, 90s, scene, sylvester, Party, track, fullmoon, beach, inspiration, Germany, Asia, USA, ashoka-ritual, global, artist, network, GOA, Open Air Festival, India, Trance, Techno, dancefloor, dancing, darty, Hippie, ashoka-ritual, global, artist, networking,
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  • Bransby Central
    Free mp3s of unsigned, new British music. Sire run by the artist, all songs written, recorded, performed by the artist, all rights reserved by the artist, damn I'm good.
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  • HireLyrics
    Representing Disadvantaged artists to create deal signing opportunties in the entertainment industry who do not have mone to copyright, product and distribute their creative works to build their own exposure opportunities-Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Gospel, etc.
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    You like music, made by internet artists? On this site we will collect and present the best files of hobby composers who created their own MIDI, SoundFont or MP3 music files. No cover versions will be accepted.
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  • IUMA
    IUMA is our submission engine for NEW artists - visit IUMA and build Your own FREE custom web site or check out other cool newcomers...
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  • RABBIT HILL - Fear the Krauts!!
    German rock scene is more than hiphop, grunge 'n techno crap! Check out soundsamples (real audio), jpegs, news, tourdates and best links to german and international music sites!! Check out RABBIT HILL!!!
    (added: Montag, 22.03.1999 Hits: 202 Rating: 9.00 Votes: 1)   Your vote   Your review   Send this link to a friend!
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