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  • Brad Morrill
    Official website for Brad Morrill, independent musician specializing in adult-oriented pop/rock in a classic style. Website includes streaming full length audio of songs from the newly released CD; "It Is What It Is."
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  • Connie's Music Page
    Site dedicated to promoting today's top pop/rock/R&B music artists. The site includes concert dates, links, Real Audio files, polls, music charts, a featured artist of the week and more.
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    The story of "Genius" begins in 1997 when two young and restless souls decided they should become rock stars.Oana and Cezar give their first concert in a disco club in Timisoara ( their home town ) and receive an unexpected response from the public, a huge success. Not long after that, the first album called "Genius" sees the light of day. A few songs rapidly spread among the young people from Romania and slowly, their presence becomes noticeable in the music industry. The next year, was a turning point in their career. Once their second album was out, sales exceed the normal limits, the biggest music festival in Romania gives the award for best song and best appearence which boost them to the top. That was the best year for Genius, they held over 700 shows in one year.Undoubtfully they were the most loved band of their time. After that exhausting year, Genius gets back in the studio where they rapidly record another hit song called "Macho Man" and becomes the best sold album. After that huge success, Oana and Cezar rest for 2 years and then they start performing live and also release a more mature album. In 2004 they are alive and well and have a band composed from the top of the crop their hometown could deliver.The last album, called "Ego" present Genius in a much more mature way, proving they've evolved musically. This year, Genius showed a change in style and attitude and also showed us that they are planing something by releasing their latest creation "Let's Go Crazy" on the radios all over the country which rapidly moved into "heavy rotation".
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  • Laura-Anne - Irish Singer/Songwriter
    Born in 1979 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Laura-Anne was raised in a country renowned for its strong musical and political traditions. The music graduate is an ambitious singer/songwriter with a "powerful and crystal clear voice". Her unique combination of honest songwriting and passionate communication in performance brings a fresh perspective to music. The 22-year-old Irish singer directs her creative spirit into writing, singing, arranging and promoting her own music. Her solo album promises to be an eclectic mixture of uptempo pop, etheral ballads, powerful rock and funked up acid jazz. Having already been compared to Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Lene Marlin and Dido, she has been receiving excellent critical acclaim for her live performances. Laura-Anne is beginning what promises to be an exciting solo musical career, recently singing to capacity crowds at Greenbelt Festival in England.
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  • Swedish singer/songwriter Jenny Beck
    Official home of talented SWEDISH singer/songwriter Jenny Beck. Her songs range from folk/pop to country/rock. Visit her website to listen to song samples, read reviews and order a copy of her demo CDs and stunning forthcoming album, planned for release in 2004. Jenny Beck is predicted to go very far in the USA, Canada and the UK. Be the first to know!
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  • The Official Juniper Website
    "There is no room in any named category, no matter how loosely interpreted, to squeeze in the individuality that is Juniper: A breath of fresh air to the stagnant climate of modern music...I'm not kidding, this has to be one of the best voices, and lyricists, in (uncategorizable) music today."
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    An Emotional Struggle A Expression of the soul trapped in the concrete walls of our heart Baring it all out from each letter, each word and every phrase. Vishhaal has rediscovered every word we feel but don’t say , every way we want to feel but hold ourselves from. His debut album “ Stranger” hold a distinguishable inventory of 13 songs
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  • X-Ray Star, New Jersey Independent Rock Band
    New Jersey-based female-fronted Rock/Pop band X-Ray Star has a definitive style which embraces melodic pop with driving rhythms. Their debut album "Drive" (2004) became one of CD Baby's top 100 sellers for the fall of that year, and their 2nd album “Love is Vicious” (2007) is an even greater step forward for the band.
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